Advanced Physics Courses

Note that for this course you must have a knowledge of differential calculus, integral calculus, and vector calculus.
Useful tools

Advanced mathematics for physics

Here you will learn the basics of multidimensional differentiation and integration as well as how to deal with differential equations.

Physics of our everyday life.

Advanced classical mechanics

Here you will learn classical mechanics with vectors, derivatives and integrals.

Electromagnetism for advanced learners

Fundamentals of electrodynamics

Here, for example, you will learn about Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic waves.

Theoretical tools of quantum mechanics

Advanced quantum physics

Here you learn for example about commutators, observables and bra-ket notation.

Understanding multiparticle physics

Introduction to solid state physics

Here you will learn all about the structure, transport and interaction in solid matter.

+ Perfect for high school and undergraduate physics students
+ Contains over 500 illustrated formulas on just 140 pages
+ Contains tables with examples and measured constants
+ Easy for everyone because without vectors and integrals

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