Formula: Bohr Model Orbital angular momentum    Principal quantum number   

Formula: Bohr Model
Quantized Angular Momentum, Radius, and Velocity in the Bohr Model.

Orbital angular momentum

Orbital angular momentum of the electron in the \(\class{red}{n}\)-th state. It can be - according to the Bohr model - only a multiple of the reduced Planck's constant \( \hbar \), so that the electron orbits the nucleus in a stable orbit.

Principal quantum number

Principal quantum number is a natural number \( \class{red}{n} ~\in~ \{1,2,3...\} \) and quantizes angular momentum in the Bohr model as a multiple of \(\hbar\).

Reduced Planck's constant

Reduced Planck's constant is a physical constant (of quantum mechanics) and has the value: \( \hbar ~=~ \frac{h}{2\pi} ~=~ 1.054 \,\cdot\, 10^{-34} \, \text{Js} \).

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