Formula: Photon Momentum    Wavelength   

Formula: Photon
Photons of different wavelength


Momentum of a photon (light particle). The smaller the wavelength, the larger the momentum. Ultraviolet photons thus have a larger momentum than photons from the visible wavelength range.

This momentum can be transferred to atoms, for example, to slow them down or decelerate them.


Wavelength of light. This is the distance between two wave crests / troughs of a monochromatic light source. So it tells within which distance \( \lambda \) exactly one periodic oscillation of the light wave was completed.

Planck's Constant

Planck's constant is a physical constant (of quantum mechanics) and has the value: \( h ~=~ 6.626 \cdot 10^{-34} \, \mathrm{Js} \).

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