Alexander Fufaev

Formula: Photon Energy Per Mole

Photons of different wavelength

Photon energy per mole

Photon energy per mole indicates the energy of \( 6 \cdot 10^{23} \) photons. This amount of photons makes up one mole.


Wavelength of the used light. The smaller the wavelength, the greater the energy of one mole of photons.

Avogadro constant

The Avogadro constant is a physical constant with the value \( N_{\text A} ~=~ 6 \cdot 10^{23} \, \frac{1}{\mathrm{mol}} \) and represents the number of photons that are in one mole.

Planck's Constant

Planck's constant \( h \) is a physical constant from quantum mechanics and has the following exact value: $$ h ~=~ 6.626 \, 070 \, 15 ~\cdot~ 10^{-34} \, \mathrm{Js} $$

Speed of light

Speed of light is a physical constant and indicates how fast light travels in empty space (vacuum). It has the following exact value in vacuum: $$ c ~=~ 299 \, 792 \, 458 \, \frac{ \mathrm{m} }{ \mathrm{s} } $$