Formula: Gamma Factor (Lorentz Term) Lorentz Factor    Velocity    Speed of light

Formula: Gamma Factor (Lorentz Term)
Gamma Factor vs. Velocity Graph

Lorentz Factor

The Lorentz factor occurs in the relativistic equations and gives the factor by which, for example, time \(t'\) in a moving reference frame A differs from time \(t'\) in a reference frame B at rest: \( t' = \gamma \, t\). The Lorentz factor is always greater than 1.


Velocity of the reference frame moving relative to a specified system at rest.

Speed of light

Vacuum light speed is the maximum speed in our universe and has the value: \( c = 299 \, 792 \, 458 \, \frac{\mathrm m}{\mathrm s} \).

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