Formula: Plate Capacitor Attraction Force    Electric charge    Area    Relative permittivity    Vacuum Permittivity

Formula: Plate Capacitor
A charged plate capacitor with dielectric

Attraction Force

Force with which the two plates (electrodes) attract each other.

Electric charge

Amount of charge on one of the plates. Here it is assumed that both plates contain the same amount of charge, but are charged with different sign (+ and -).


Area of one side of the capacitor plate.

Relative permittivity

Relative permittivity is a dimensionless number describing the dielectric (e.g. air, water, glass) between the two capacitor plates. In vacuum, the relative permittivity has the value \( \varepsilon_{\text r} = 1 \).

Vacuum Permittivity

The vacuum permittivity is a physical constant that appears in equations involving electromagnetic fields. It has the following experimentally determined value: $$ \varepsilon_0 ~\approx~ 8.854 \, 187 \, 8128 ~\cdot~ 10^{-12} \, \frac{\mathrm{As}}{\mathrm{Vm}} $$

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