Formula: Electric Dipole Torque    Electric field (E field)    Electric dipole moment    Angle

Formula: Electric Dipole
Electric Dipole in a Homogeneous E-Field


Magnitude of the torque experienced by an electric dipole in an external (homogeneous) electric field. The dipole is aligned along the electric field lines.


External (homogeneous) electric field in which the electric dipole is placed.

Dipole moment

Electrical dipole moment of two oppositely charged point charges \(+q\) and \(-q\), which are at a distance \( \boldsymbol{r} \) to each other. The larger the charge and the greater the distance between the charge carriers, the greater the electric dipole moment.


Angle between the dipole moment vector (longitudinal axis of the dipole) and the E-field vector (electric field lines).

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