Formula: Mass Defect Binding energy    Mass difference    Speed of light

Formula: Mass Defect
Mass Defect - A Nucleus is Lighter Than the Sum of its Components

Binding energy

Binding energy is the energy created from a part of the mass after individual nuclear constituents (protons, neutrons) have fused to form an atomic nucleus.

Mass difference

A part of the mass of the protons and neutrons, which - during the fusion to a nucleus - was converted into the binding energy. The nucleus is lighter than the sum of its components!

Speed of light

Speed of light is a physical constant and indicates how fast light travels in empty space (vacuum). It has the following exact value in vacuum: $$ c ~=~ 299 \, 792 \, 458 \, \frac{ \mathrm{m} }{ \mathrm{s} } $$

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