Formula: Newton's Law of Gravity Force    Distance    1st mass    2nd mass    Gravitational constant

Formula: Newton's Law of Gravity
Gravitational force between two masses

Gravitational force

It is the force that the mass \( \class{brown}{m_1} \) exerts on the mass \( \class{brown}{m_2} \) and vice versa.


Distance between the masses \( \class{brown}{m_1} \) and \( \class{brown}{m_2} \). The larger the distance, the smaller the gravitational force \( F_{\text g} \).

1st mass

The mass of the first body.

2nd mass

The mass of the second body.

Gravitational constant

The gravitational constant is a physical constant that occurs in equations describing the interaction between masses. It has the following experimentally determined value: $$ G ~\approx~ 6.674 \, 30 ~\cdot~ 10^{-11} \, \frac{ \mathrm{m}^3 }{ \mathrm{kg} \, \mathrm{s}^2 } $$

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