Formula: Current-Carrying Wire in Magnetic Field Magnetic force    Electric current    Length    Magnetic flux density (B-field)

Formula: Current-Carrying Wire in Magnetic Field
Magnetic force (Lorentz force) on a current-carrying conductor

Magnetic force

The magnetic part of the Lorentz force acts on a current-carrying conductor when it is in the magnetic field. This formula is only valid if the magnetic field direction is exactly perpendicular to the current direction.

Electric current

Electric charge per unit time flowing through the wire.


The longer the wire through which a current flows, the greater the Lorentz force on that wire.

Magnetic flux density (B-field)

Magnetic flux density indicates how strong the magnetic field is in which the wire is located. The magnetic field can be generated, for example, with another current-carrying wire that is brought close to the first wire.

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