Formula: Uniformly Accelerated Motion Distance    Time    Acceleration

Formula: Uniformly Accelerated Motion
Zurückgelegte Strecke eines Objekts während einer gleichmäßig beschleunigten Bewegung


Distance \( \Delta x = x_2 - x_1 \) covered by a uniformly accelerated object within the time \( \Delta t \). The object has had an initial velocity \( v_0 = 0 \) at the start of the acceleration.


After this period of time \( \Delta t = t_2 - t_1 \) the body has covered the distance \( \Delta x \).


Constant acceleration with which the object is accelerated uniformly.
  • Positive acceleration means that the object is increasing in speed.
  • Negative acceleration means that the object decreases in speed (brakes).

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