Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

June 1, 2023: The musical performance in the bathroom and eating ice cream with Dasha and Tobi

June 1, 2023. I glanced at my phone. It was half past eight in the morning. In our family WhatsApp group, Dascha and Tobi left a message asking if I wanted to go out for ice cream with them. They were planning to go shopping in Hanover today, and I agreed.

On the way to the university, I was annoyed that I missed the bus because I had taken out the organic waste. I found it a pity that Lina and Vanessa didn't like my idea of ​​leaving out the bio waste bags and throwing the organic waste directly into the bin. After all, it could save some money and time while shopping and be 1% more sustainable. Still, I could understand Vanessa's argument that she found the maggots in the bio bin disgusting and it was easier to throw the bag in and run away quickly. Lina's argument about always cleaning the bin also had its merit.

Until meeting Dascha and Tobi, I spent my time in the library translating the biography into English. Lately, my stomach had been acting up more often, and I had to go to the toilet more frequently. Probably it was due to the new life situation: new people, new apartment, and certainly also the coffee.

I went into the toilet and entered the last empty cubicle. I pulled down my pants and bent over. Everything was dead silent. I pushed until a PFRRRR PFRRRR sounded. Suddenly, I heard movement and loud exhaling to my right in the cubicle. Obviously, the guy was feeling uncomfortable. I kept going. PFRRR PFRRRR. Then suddenly the sound of a flush. I decided to step it up - with full pressure, I alternated between peeing on the enamel and into the toilet water. Another toilet flushed. Then I heard someone hastily leaving the cubicle opposite. I fought with pressed lips not to burst into laughter. But stopping the airflow through my mouth accidentally provided another exit. PFRRRRRR. The third and final flush sounded. Two cubicles were opened, and two guys disappeared in a hurry. Now I was alone and philosophized about what the guys in the toilets had been doing, because I hadn't heard any toilet paper rustling. Was it my musical performance that had driven them away, or had they voluntarily fled? What really happened? Your Jonathan Frakes.

I looked at my phone and realized I had missed the message from Dascha and Tobi. They were already in Hanover and on their way to Kröpcke. Quickly, I slipped into my pants, grabbed my things, and hurried to the tram. At the entrance to the Conti-Campus, a student sat on the curb reading a book. As I passed by her, she looked up. Our eyes met, and she smiled at me. I sat down next to her on the curb.

"You just smiled at me so sweetly. How long have you been waiting here for me?"

She laughed. "I'm actually waiting for my friend."

"Oh, I see. Well, that's a shame. Alright then, I'll keep going. Ciao," I said with a grin, stood up, and continued on to the tram.

When I arrived at Kröpcke, the two of them were already by the clock, and luckily they didn't seem to be angry with me. The weather was sunny, and the ice cream cafes at Kröpcke were crowded. I suggested going to the Colosseum at the train station. There we found a free table. I opted for a scoop of blueberry ice cream and a scoop of melon ice cream.