Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

The Diary of Alexander Fufaev:
About Physics, My Life, My Thoughts, and Everyday Life

Hello, my name is Alexander Fufaev and you have landed on my blog, where I write my public diary and explain physics. I studied physics at Leibniz University in Hanover.

Alexander Fufaev (September 2023)

I use the diary for self-reflection and to document my life so that I can later understand how I have changed over time. I share my insights and changes with you so that you can do the same if you like. Warning! The diary is very intimate. You will probably find it uncomfortable at one point or another to immerse yourself in my world. You might feel ashamed, aroused or have the most blatant realization of your life.

I am a minimalist. Everything I own fits in a rucksack and on my shoulders. However, I don't mind using beds, fridges and furniture. For me, it's all about not owning all this material clutter. As a minimalist, I've learned an important lesson: it's not the possessions that enrich my life, but the people I meet.

I've finally become vegan in January 2024 and like to walk barefoot regularly since May 2024. I also love breaking out of the hamster wheel to show society that a different, more sustainable, more peaceful and healthier life is possible. I am open and tolerant towards all people and do not align myself with any political direction. I like to learn from ALL people.

At the moment, I am most concerned with the question of how I can manage to live in the here and now so that I no longer feel lonely. I'm reading the books by Eckhart Tolle. As I can't quite live in the now yet, I approach women (goddesses) on the street (I don't use dating apps or anything like that) to find deep, intimate and long-term relationships. But so far I haven't found a soulmate. You can send me feedback (or love letters) to