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September 10, 2023: Overcome fear of deep water. Peel a watermelon.

September 10, 2023. In the morning, Anna texted me that she had forgotten her phone charger at her parents' house and couldn't call me. It was a small moment of happiness for me.

Today, I went swimming with my family and looked forward to overcoming my fear of deep water. After brunch with my family, Dascha and Tobi went out briefly, and I took a walk in the blazing sun in my new Merino shirt, naturally barefoot. Surprisingly, I managed the entire gravel path barefoot. My feet seemed to have become stronger.

After the walk, I watched some swimming techniques on YouTube that I wanted to try out. Mom asked me to cut the watermelon for our trip to the lake. While cutting the watermelon and chatting with Lauri about zero waste, I learned something new from her that I didn't know before. She said, "By the way, you can also peel the watermelon to create less waste." Excited by this revelation, I googled to make sure Lauri wasn't telling me nonsense. Indeed, I learned that the watermelon rind contains valuable nutrients. I took the peeler and peeled the whole watermelon. Then I cut it into bite-sized cubes.

Around 3 p.m., we reached Lake Giftener, where the six of us spent two and a half hours. I tried diving, floating on the water, and slowly approached the point where my feet couldn't touch the bottom. Then I ventured further and further out, significantly reducing my fear of deep water. Somehow, I felt much safer swimming without glasses - it was as if the glasses had intensified my fear, perhaps because I unconsciously feared losing them in the water.

Shortly after 5 p.m., as we were packing up and I had just returned from swimming, I saw on my phone that Anna had called me a short while ago. I called her back and suggested we meet today. She said she had standard and Latin dance classes today and didn't have time.

At 6 p.m., my family dropped me off at the tram station in Sarstedt, and I headed home. Around 11 p.m., Anna texted me saying she had just arrived home and was completely exhausted. She said she would get in touch with me tomorrow.

Microchange: I peel the watermelon and eat the green-white flesh. It contains fiber, vitamin C, and amino acids. This way, I get more nutrients for my money and simultaneously reduce food waste.