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November 10, 2023: Washing yourself without drying yourself?

November 10, 2023. After breakfast in Borsum, I drove to Hannover to the library. Luckily, my redness has decreased and the greasy flakes are also diminishing. I'm feeling low in energy and tired on the train. The coffee withdrawal is taking effect. I decide to buy a coffee at HanoMacke. Afterward, I suddenly felt full of energy. It's amazing how coffee affects me. At least now I had enough energy to be productive in the library.

On the way to the library, I met the Cappy woman who greeted me with a nod. I nodded back at her. Fortunately, my locker was not occupied. As I locked up my things, a young student asked me to show her how the lockers work. After showing her, I went to the fourth floor and sat at my regular table on the other side. Luckily, it wasn't too crowded today.

I arrived home at 5 PM. No one was there. While I was in the bathroom, I tried something new that I will make a habit of if it works well.

I was on the toilet, defecating, and then I cleaned myself down there with the shower head, but this time I didn't dry my butt with the towel, instead, I put on my underwear wet. It wasn't as bad as I thought because my butt wasn't completely wet.

Then I cleaned my armpits with water by simply rubbing them with my wet hand until they were odor-free. Without drying my armpits with the towel, I put on my T-shirt. It wasn't so bad. They dried by themselves shortly after.

It seemed to work! The less I use the towel, the less often I have to wash it, and maybe eventually I'll find a strategy for cleaning myself without a towel.

I also wondered if the towel might start to smell if I don't dry my armpits, intimate area, and feet. Bacteria thrive in moisture there. If the towel gets wet from drying and I wipe my armpits with it, I create an ideal environment for moisture-loving bacteria to multiply quickly and the towel starts to smell unpleasant. On the other hand, if I dry my belly with it, which is normally dry, dry-loving bacteria settle on the wet towel environment, which is not conducive to bacterial growth.