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November 11, 2023: Cooking with organic food and inspiration from raw food nutrition

November 11, 2023. Saturday. Gray weather. I woke up at nine and went to the library. It wasn't very busy. I sat at my usual spot on the fourth floor.

At noon, I went to eat. At the lockers, I met a dark blonde, curly-haired student who was also at my table yesterday. She briefly talked with an acquaintance at the table yesterday and seemed to be studying something related to quantum physics. She said "hello" to me in the cafeteria. In the cafeteria, I had organic chili sin carne from a jar, with a organic bun, and then a Franzbr├Âtchen for dessert. Then I saw her going into the cafeteria as well. Somehow, I thought she would sit next to me or at least in a way that we could see each other. I was mistaken.

When I returned upstairs, a blonde student was sitting diagonally across from me at my table. As I approached the table, she was typing on her laptop. Next to it was a tablet and a large, dark pink water bottle. When I sat down at the table, she didn't even look at me.

On her laptop were stickers of a coral, a hot dog, a van, and a "Chill" sticker. Her tablet was also full of stickers, like a slice of watermelon, a Starbucks drink with a straw, or a cassette tape my uncle used to have in his car with his favorite music. Occasionally, she glanced in my direction and twisted her hair into a spiral or rested her head on her hand.

She wore round gold earrings and piercings on her upper earlobe. Her gray sweater with a black collar was slightly rolled up, and some moles were visible on her forearm. Around her neck hung a gold chain with a gold ring that reminded me a bit of the ring from Lord of the Rings.

Around 3 PM, I drove home. I was simply too tired because I didn't drink coffee today. It was raining, and my socks got a little wet from my wet shoes. But luckily, home wasn't far away.

On the way, I bought organic salad, canned organic tomatoes, and organic carrots at Netto. Then at DENNRE, I bought an organic apple, a banana, and a mix of organic legumes. All organic. Unfortunately, I find it too expensive to constantly buy ready-made food in glass bottles, so I bought legumes to cook myself.

At home, I chopped salad, apples, and carrots from the glass bottle. I had to learn to eat raw. As long as I can't do that, I'll have to cook legumes. After the salad, I felt energetic again and surprisingly full. And the apple, oh the apple! My goodness, it was juicy and delicious, reminding me of the apples from the garden in Kharkovskiy. They only occasionally had worms. This one thankfully did not. The taste of this apple was incomparable to the usual green apple at Netto.

After eating, I watched a lecture on the basics of raw vegan nutrition on YouTube. I learned again to pay attention to the order of eating because different foods digest at different speeds. Vegetables/fruits first, then nuts. This assumes not mixing your food.

Then I learned that fermentation in the stomach, for example from eating in the wrong order, produces alcohol in the stomach. So it's not just about not consuming alcohol externally but also about not producing alcohol internally.