Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

September 14, 2023: I have 18 hangers instead of 19. The tall student with the birthmark

September 14, 2023. Instead of taking the stairs, I opted for the elevator to the fourth floor of the library. There, a tall blonde student was waiting in front of the elevator door. I got in, and she followed. Our eyes met for half a second as she stood opposite me. She towered over me by about a head and had a mole above her upper lip. With a sidelong glance, I tried to figure out when she would look at me again. Just before we reached the fourth floor, she glanced up from her phone, and our eyes met again. For a moment, I held the gaze firmly until she broke it. A look with clear sexual attraction - at least for me. Then she lowered her gaze back to her phone. Upon exiting on the fourth floor, she sat down a few tables behind me by the window. I took my usual seat at the end of the long aisle. The redhead from yesterday was also sitting there.

It was half past nine when the girl from the elevator presumably went to the restroom. I waited briefly and then made my way there too. My timing proved perfect as we crossed paths in the foyer. After a brief eye contact, I approached her as she came toward me.

"Hey, we had an intense eye contact earlier. Would you like to go out with me?"

"No, thank you. But it was very nice of you to approach me so openly," she replied and went into the library. I decided to have a coffee after using the restroom. After retrieving the fifty cents from my locker, I headed to the library exit. As I passed through the sliding door, the brunette student from yesterday, who was sitting with the redhead, approached. Our eyes met, and she gave me a charming smile with a long gaze, which we only broke when we passed each other.

"Oh, wow," I grinned, "that was unexpected." After a short break in the sun and a delicious coffee, I returned to the library.

Around eleven o'clock, all the phones suddenly began to beep loudly. "Oh shit," I exclaimed, looking around. The student with the headscarf sitting across from me looked just as confused as I did. A government test alarm to warn citizens in case of a disaster.

At half past eleven, I received a message from Anna, and shortly after, the girl with the mole from the elevator came down the long corridor toward me and smiled at me as I looked in her direction. Today, after the cafeteria, I had to hurry home to unlock the apartment door for my new roommate, Lara. But when I got home, she was already in the kitchen and had gotten the key from Lina. She originally came from Hesse and had moved to Hanover to train as a psychotherapist at the Medical School. After a brief conversation, I went straight back to the library, where I spent most of my time until five o'clock. Before karate training, I took a clothes hanger from the rack because I realized I only had three underwear left. Despite my tiredness, I decided to go to karate training, and it was worth it because afterward, I was full of energy.

Microchange: I reduced the number of my clothes hangers from 19 to 18.