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November 14, 2023: I'm going to trim the sideburns too and one sweater won't do

On November 14, 2023, at 9 AM, I was in the library reading the book "Essentialism" and learned about the importance of being a child, playing, in order to adapt flexibly to a rapidly changing world with creativity and a sense of discovery.

Around 10 AM, I went to HanoMacke to have a coffee and eat a pretzel roll. When I ordered my coffee, I saw Maxi sitting at the counter. She didn't notice me.

I drank the coffee outside, looking at the surroundings and the dark clouds piling up in the wind. As I took the last sip, it started drizzling. When I returned the cup, Maxi was standing directly behind the counter, smiling at me. I smiled back, squinting my eyes to hug her from a distance. I placed the cup on the counter and went back to the library. I was very glad that my action yesterday had brought us closer.

After having my salad in the cafeteria around noon, on my way back in the elevator, I met Luisa.

"You look tired."

"I am. I have only four weeks left until I submit my master's thesis."

"I feel you. I don't want to be in this phase of thesis writing anymore."

She was wearing a sleeveless top and chic black pants that accentuated her butt.

"Cool outfit," I complimented her.

"Thank you," she said excitedly, and as we walked through the entrance door to the tables on the fourth floor, she said, "Good luck."

"Hmm, thanks, you too," I replied.

In the afternoon, I went to the main train station. The Christmas market was being set up there. That would be a good idea for our first date with Anna, I thought.

At Peek & Cloppenburg, I looked for a black sweater. Somehow, one sweater wasn't enough. I couldn't even wash it without going out in winter because without a sweater it was especially cold in the evenings. But all I found were silk sweaters. No merino wool.

I bought a falafel roll for tonight and went home. Then I made a romaine radish salad with nuts and cooked the soaked legumes.

Afterwards, I made the first learning step towards the hairdresser. In the bathroom, I trimmed my overgrown, messy sideburns and combed the rest behind my ears. And as I looked at myself in the mirror, I already looked much tidier. From today onwards, I will also trim my sideburns.

When the neighbors upstairs rang to pick up their package, Lina also came out, and we chatted a bit about our day, that she would call her grandma later, and that Anna finally texted me yesterday.

Learning: I will trim my sideburns when trimming my beard.