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September 15, 2023: My flirting strength is expressive dance

September 15, 2023, it was a Friday night and I was back at Dax. The bouncer, who usually let me through, said at the entrance: "Hey bro, next time wear different pants". I had no idea what was wrong with my black swimming trunks, but to get in, I of course agreed.

I danced in my new merino T-shirt for the first time and was thrilled that, unlike cotton, the merino wool didn't start to smell despite the heavy sweating. I also wore barefoot shoes for the first time while dancing. A young girl pointed at my shoes with a puzzled look and giggled with her friends. One milf openly asked me if I was gay because of my dancing style. When I said no, she rubbed her big ass against me.

Many women danced with me, and I danced with those who didn't want to. After a short time, I was spreading fun and laughter on the dance floor. So I managed to dance or even flirt with every woman on the dance floor. But as soon as I started talking to get to know the woman better, the attraction faded and the women disappeared. Apparently, my dancing was the only effective way to attract women. I still had a lot to learn about flirting.