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November 15, 2023: How to increase your chances of winning the Nobel Prize 22-fold and trying to drink tea in the HanoMacke

On November 15, 2023, I haven't washed my hair for a week. They look a bit greasy, but the redness, itching, and dandruff are gone. So, I'm okay with the greasy hair. I combed them neatly with a comb, and it looked like I had used pomade. With my black outfit, I looked like a badass.

No one at the bus stop. A sign that the bus just left. Walked to Kopernikusstra├če. Bought a curd cheese pastry (ate immediately), a pretzel butter corner, and a spelt bun. Then to the fourth floor.

Today I'm trying something new. Instead of coffee, I'm getting tea from HanoMacke. It would be uneconomical because I could buy tea (like coffee) much cheaper at the supermarket. But it would at least be a health improvement because I'm avoiding caffeine and tooth discoloration, my two main reasons for quitting coffee.

I looked at the price list on the wall. The tea cost 50 cents, and so did the filter coffee.

"What kind of tea do you have?"

The man pointed to the list right in front of my nose on the counter. This tunnel vision was really typical of me. I chose fruit tea.

The rain had stopped, so I stood in front of the meadow, ate two buns, and drank the tea on the side. Apart from the tea bags turning into trash, I didn't notice much difference between tea and coffee. I slurped the tea and thought that it's not the coffee itself that triggers the desire in me to drink coffee at HanoMacke, but the fact that I'm outside drinking a warm beverage, seeing people around me, and hoping that Anna or another girl I once approached will talk to me. Another advantage of drinking tea at HanoMacke was that there were many different types of tea. That meant I could bring some variety into my drink every day.

When I was back upstairs in the fourth floor, there were already three students at my table. A man with a woman in front of me. And a single woman to my left, in the middle of the table. I was reading "Nonkonformisten," the book I borrowed from Lina.

While reading, I noticed I was getting slightly tired and had to yawn constantly. I felt a slight pulsating pain at the back of my head. "Oh no, please no coffee withdrawal now," I thought. I tried to ignore the pain and kept reading.

In the book, I found an interesting fact about Nobel laureates: The chance of winning the Nobel Prize is 22 times higher compared to typical scientists if the scientist had an artistic hobby, such as amateur acting, dancing, or magic. I chuckled because I enjoyed dancing.

Around 1 PM, I had my salad in the cafeteria (romaine lettuce with radishes, walnuts, and ground flaxseed). In the fourth floor next to the entrance, there was a blonde student, dressed all in black, who I met on the stairs yesterday, and we smiled at each other.

In the afternoon at home, I ate beans, then listened to meditative music and thought about Anna. Then I turned on the "A Beautiful Mind" soundtrack and listened to it on repeat. I remembered the lecture about Albert Einstein at school, about the Nobel Prize in Physics that I wanted to get. Who do I want to be?