Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

January 17, 2024: Jordis the crypto investor. An acting student and Konni.

January 17, 2024. I wake up around 8:30 AM. I take my smartphone out of my pocket. Johanna texted me after our date, saying there was no spark. I had a feeling that would be the case since she took a long time to respond.

Around 10 AM, I approached Konni in front of the Conti Library. She was smoking and sitting on the bench. She doesn't have time because of a seminar presentation in two days, but she said she would get in touch once she's less busy. I gave her my number.

Later in the library, I noticed that the student with the black ribbon was sitting at my usual table in front of me, and we could see each other. At my table, there were also two Asian women and an Indian woman, but I didn't find them interesting.

Around 11 AM, I realized that Johanna's rejection had emotionally unsettled me a bit. I noticed this because I felt a stronger urge to approach other women. I couldn't concentrate as well on my work. I think I still have a lot of potential to improve my stoic nature.

At 11:10 AM, I was at HanoMacke and approached the blonde acting student who is always with the tall guy. She wasn't interested in a date, so I let her sit on the sofa and continue reading.

Around 3 PM, as I was walking up the stairs to my table in the library, I encountered a student on the second floor who looked somehow "different." She came from the first floor, and I was right behind her. She went to the restroom on the second floor, and I intended to continue to the fourth floor. But then I pulled myself together and thought: No, you wait for her and talk to her. So, I stood in the stairwell on the second floor.

When she came back from the restroom, I approached her. She was the fourth of five women I approached today.

»Hi, I just saw you on the stairs. I didn't dare follow you to the restroom.«

She giggled.

»So, I waited here in the stairwell for you. Do you want to have coffee together at 4 PM in HanoMacke?«

»Well, I'm going to a friend's birthday today.«

»Oh, okay, what time?«

»I have to leave here by 6:15 PM.«

»Our date won't take that long. Just 20 minutes. Let's get to know each other first.«

»I must say, I'm not looking for a relationship,« she said.

»Me neither. We don't have to get married right away, do we?«

»Just as friends?«

»Yeah, let's see if we click first.«

I looked deep into her eyes and said, »Just because someone looks good doesn't mean we're a good match. Maybe we won't fit together at all. So, what do you think?«

»Like I said, if it's just as friends, why not?«

»What's your name?«


»Jordis? Oh, that's a Nordic name, isn't it? I haven't heard it often.«

»Yes, but I'm not from Northern Germany.«

»Oh, I see. I'm Alexander,« I shook her hand, »nice to meet you,« I continued as we shook hands. »Cool, so let's meet at 4 PM.«

»Should we exchange numbers?« she asked me.


She took her phone out of her jeans.

»Jördis with Ö?« I asked her.

»No, J, O, R, D, I, S,« she spelled out and showed me a QR code on her phone.

»Um, I have no idea how that works. Let me just type in my number.«

»You have a big phone,« I said as I entered my number and compared her phone with mine in the other hand.

»Cool, what do you study?«

»Economics?« »Economics,« we said simultaneously.

»I thought so when I saw you coming up from the first floor,« I grinned.

»I'm enjoying my studies so far. But I'm only interested in the history of money.«

»Money history? Like actual history?« I inquired.

»Yes. Exactly. I'm generally interested in history. But they say history is written by the victors. That's why I'm interested in what's happening in America, in politics.«

»So, you're trying to understand the history of money from different perspectives?«

»Yes, exactly. There are the bad guys and the good guys. But that's too simplistic.«

»I find that very interesting,« I grinned.

"You can tell me more about that on our date, but I find it interesting that you're interested in such a specific topic. Not the whole economic system, but a specific part of it."

"Yeah," she smiled, "I've seen Big Short, for example, and so... Do you know that movie?"

"Sounds familiar to me. Is it about the banking and real estate bubble?"

At this point, she briefly told me about the movie while I was absorbed in her blue eyes.

"And... I found the movie interesting. That's why I wanted to find out more about it," she continued.

"Phew, I don't know anything about economics. Maybe I can learn something from you. Because I did something completely different, I studied physics."

"Physics?" she asked curiously.

At this point, I briefly told her what I do for a living. She seemed interested.

"Okay, see you later then"

"See you later," I said and almost bumped into another student who was standing behind me on the stairs doing something on her cell phone when I turned around. Maybe she had overheard our conversation. "Oops," came out of me, I swerved and took the stairs to the fourth floor.

As I arrived there, a message popped up on my phone: "Hey, it's Jordis". I told her I'd pick her up at 4 PM in the stairwell of the 1st floor.

"Oh, did I say 4 PM? I meant 6 PM."

"6 PM works for me too. Then let's meet directly at HanoMacke."

She gave the message a thumbs up.

At 5 PM I had dinner. At 5:20 PM I left. Then to the train station, from there to Kröpcke. There, at Kröpcke, down by all the posters and escalators leading to the trams, I approached a woman. The blonde was standing there, looking at her phone.

"Hey, when are we going on a date?" I casually approached her. She laughed, but she was engaged. So I've met my quota for today.

At 6 PM I had a date with Jordis at HanoMacke. I checked the time on my smartphone: 5 minutes left. I was still outside, imagining sex with Jordis to boost my sexual energy a bit. "I'm already inside," she wrote.

We had a really nice date. She drank champagne and I had tea. One thing I particularly liked about her was that she thinks alternatively. So far, I've only met people who conform to the government. But she didn't get vaccinated. She thinks the government sucks. I found it refreshing to hear a different worldview. Particularly exciting was her plan to become a millionaire with her crypto investments and to emigrate to Korea or Singapore.

At the end of our date, I escorted her to the stop. At the end before the tram stairs, she spread her arms out for a hug. We hugged. She seemed to like me too.

There are people, when I spend time with them, I feel even more confident, satisfied, motivated, I smile a lot more and people smile back. The world seems much more beautiful to me. Jordis is one of those people.

Health Analysis:
  • Bowel movements: around 11 AM (solid), around 2 PM (solid).
  • Food intake: 9:40 AM (one walnut bun, one spelt bun), 11:10 AM (grapes), 2:30 PM (turmeric shot, one walnut bun, one wheat bun, and one banana), 5 PM (200g tofu with spinach and flaxseeds), 7 PM (banana-cherry smoothie and a blood orange).
  • Physical sensations: 6/10. Dandruff, itchy scalp, redness on face and head, red eyes, stuffy nose. Probably ate too much, especially a lot of peanut butter.
  • Mood: 8/10 (mostly due to Johanna's rejection).
  • Physical changes: Redness at the hairline with greasy dandruff. Dandruff particularly occurs when scratching.