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September 17, 2023: Life with just a pair of shorts

September 17, 2023. Mom had decided to break up with Julien. After breakfast, Mom, Dasha, and I meditated for ten minutes. I managed to persuade Mom to join a ten-minute meditation session. Before that, the five of us - Laura, Mom, me, Dasha, and Nani - had breakfast together. At noon, after the meditation, I went for a walk barefoot and managed to complete the entire walk without shoes.

During the walk, I decided to reduce the number of my shorts to one. I took both to Borsum and left one there. Then I had a thought about meditation: I had read that meditation has many positive health effects, such as slowing down telomere decay. But I wondered: There are many ways to meditate. Is there a particular way to meditate that brings the greatest health benefits?

In the evening before going to bed, I did a handstand against the wall. Previously, I had read about the benefits of the handstand: This natural upper body workout improves balance, promotes blood circulation in the upper body, especially the lungs, and builds bone mass.

Micro-change: I reduced the number of my shorts from 2 to 1.