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October 17, 2023: Lightly clothed at 0 degrees and more productive without internet in the library

October 17, 2023. When I woke up today, it looked very foggy outside through the window. I opened the window to see how warm it was. It was quite cool. Then I briefly checked the weather forecast on my laptop. It was exactly 0 degrees outside. In the past, I would have thought: Oh God, it’s cold. I should dress warmly. Today I think: I'll just put on my light sweater, that should be enough. My light toe socks that don't go over the ankles and my summer and spring barefoot shoes. I don’t have a thick sweater anyway.

I quickly rinsed my mouth with baking soda because I felt I had morning breath. I also noticed, or at least it felt like, that my gray hairs on the sides were a bit less. Maybe it was because my stress level had significantly decreased after finishing my studies. I filled my thermos and went outside.

I took the bus. The short walk from Christuskirche to the library was pleasant temperature-wise. I didn’t have to freeze. Especially my feet were very warm.

I sat down on the fourth floor. There were many more tables occupied today. Probably because the winter semester started four days ago. At the same time, the blonde law student sat at the next table in front of me. It was amazing how intensely she stared at me as soon as she sat down. But then she changed the table, probably because the socket there didn't work either. Or she found it strange that I stared back.

My internet access at the university was cut off two days ago. So I could no longer surf the internet in the library. I had also turned off my mobile data access on my phone, so I couldn’t use a hotspot either. Honestly, I was glad about it because the only thing I could mainly do in the library now was: read books or write articles.

After just half an hour, I felt the urge to go to Café HanoMacke. The place where you often practice a habit (drinking coffee) strongly tempts you to continue this habit. I decided to have a coffee.

At the counter stood a woman who was always there. She helped out there. She had a permanent smile. While everyone was wrapped up warmly in thick jackets, hats, and scarves, I stood outside with just a sweater. The hot coffee added to the warmth.

A girl sat across from me. She had short brown hair, glasses with white bands, gray-blue eyes, an olive-green sweater, and a silver necklace with a small heart. The logo on her laptop was covered with a sticker depicting a sheep.

For lunch, I got vegetarian meatballs and organic rolls from the Lidl next door and ate them in HanoMacke.

After the library, around 3 p.m., I sat down in HanoMacke again and had another coffee. As I looked at the counter in HanoMacke, a brunette student looked at me. She ordered a cappuccino and came up to me.

“Can I sit here? There are power outlets here,” she asked me with a smile.

“Sure, go ahead. I’ll make room for you,” I replied and looked briefly into her blue eyes again.

She took off her light gray jacket and pulled out a laptop, which she opened in front of me. Then she took out a book titled “Pedagogy for Language Impairment” and started typing something on her laptop. She wore a gray scarf and a light peach-colored top. She looked at the laptop with her hand on her forehead as if she was thinking about something. Occasionally, she typed something or looked into her notebook, which she had taken out. Thirty minutes later, she packed her things, said goodbye with a smile, and left. She was very nice. However, I didn’t dare to speak to her.