Alexander Fufaev
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November 17, 2023: I no longer see black before my eyes and no more chest rash after sweating

November 17, 2023. Got up at 10 AM. Had toast with vegan eggplant spread, along with bell pepper, cucumber, and carrots. Also had a persimmon and half a banana. Then I learned from the video what acidosis is and how it occurs. I learned that hair loss is genetically determined but can be caused by acidosis.

In the afternoon, I took a bath. Before that, I exercised and sweated. I used to always get a red rash on my chest that burned and itched when I sweated there. Now it doesn't burn and itch anymore, but it's blotchy red.

I listened to relaxing music and tried to be as present as possible. Occasionally, I thought about Anna, whether she's the right one. And then I prayed to God to make my skin healthy and youthful.

When I got out of the bath, I didn't see black anymore. Another positive change, probably due to better circulation.