Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

June 18, 2023: The email from Los Angeles and Lake Giften with family

June 18, 2023. It was a warm day. I was at Lake Giftener with Dasha, Tobi, Lauri, Mom, and Julien. We brought picnic blankets, vegetable snacks, watermelon, and Dasha brought her stand-up paddleboard. The cold shower had definitely worked because I could easily go into the water while Dasha and Tobi hesitated to enter the cold water. I really liked this lake because it wasn't too deep, and I could practice swimming there and overcome my fear of deep water a little more. I couldn't practice diving, though, with my glasses on.

As I took a break, I noticed a tall, blonde woman with a great figure. She was sunbathing on her stomach and chatting with her friend next to her. Her broad hips almost knocked me off my feet. I walked over to her and struck up a conversation.

»Hey, I saw you from over there and thought: Wow, what a hot woman.«

»Thank you. That's very brave of you«, she replied with an Eastern European accent.

»Are you from Poland?«

»Yes, how did you know?«

»Just a guess. I just heard that you sounded Eastern European. Hey, would you like to go for a drink sometime soon?«

»I'm married, but thanks for the offer.«

»Hmm, too bad. Take care!«

»Goodbye, you brave man«, she smiled.

My family didn't seem to notice me talking to her - except for Julien. He then questioned me about what I had said to an attractive woman. I told him without my mother noticing. I didn't want her to get jealous if she noticed that Julien was interested in other women.

In the evening, as I checked my emails, I was very surprised. I had received an email from Los Angeles. The man wrote to me in English that he had received my formula collection and that he liked it very much. He warmly invited me to visit his family anytime I'm in Los Angeles. At that moment, I felt like by translating my formula collection, website, and YouTube channel into English, I had unleashed the potential to possibly become world-famous. A state of being I wasn't opposed to at all.