Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

November 18, 2023: The encounter with Samara Morgan from The Ring

November 18, 2023. I woke up again in the middle of the night with a full bladder. In a semi-awake state, I got up, turned on the light, squinted my eyes slightly to avoid being fully awakened by the light, walked to the toilet, and emptied my bladder with half-closed eyes.

After peeing, I walked back to the living room, turned off the light, lay back down, and found myself again in a state that was half real, half dream. I lay there imagining Anna. But no matter what situation I imagined her in, the black-haired girl, Samara Morgan from "The Ring," would always appear.

I imagined Anna as I approached her from behind in the library, and she turned around and it was that girl. Then I snapped out of that fantasy and came back to the present moment. With my eyes closed, I looked at the tip of my nose and focused on my breathing. Even though my eyes were closed, I could see the room I was in. A rocking chair that Mom had recently bought was right in front of my floor bed. And although I didn't want to, I imagined the girl sitting on that chair. I didn't dare open my eyes, but I felt her presence. How she sat there, smiling at me. I briefly looked into the darkness under the sofa. My heart was pounding, making me more awake. I didn't open my eyes. Covered myself even more. Eventually, I fell asleep again.

Today I treated myself to lupine coffee. There was no bread for breakfast, so after cleaning up the kitchen, I went to the supermarket. Barefoot. At 7 degrees Celsius.

After a while, I couldn't feel the sole anymore, except when stepping on larger stones. When I entered the store, I felt incredible warmth on my feet. It felt really good.

I bought potato bread, toast, and an organic cucumber. After this little warm-up, I headed back home. Again, after a while, I couldn't feel the sole. Surprisingly, though, my toes didn't look white, as they usually did on cold days. When I reached the door, the old neighbor from upstairs was standing there, just opening the door.

“Hello,” I said to her.

“Hello,” she replied, briefly looking at my feet. We went inside. Then she asked, "Isn't it cold on your feet?"

“A little,” I replied, “but it's good for my health. This way, my feet aren't constantly trapped in shoes and get better circulation by being barefoot,” I explained. Without reacting, she continued up the stairs.

I checked the visitor numbers of my website in the Search Console because the sales of my ebook have strangely decreased. Unfortunately, after switching to, Google did not account for the redirection, and many of my lessons are no longer found on the first search page of Google. Visitor numbers have dropped by 85 percent. But that didn't bother me much; I still had enough savings and accepted the problem without dwelling on it. It's amazing how much savings and multiple sources of income can make life easier.

I read and corrected my own life story, which I had ordered as a physical book. In the evening, I continued reading the book "Essentialism." Mom was also there in the evening, sitting in the rocking chair and doing something on her phone. It was so peacefully quiet. We didn't speak a word to each other. I've never seen my mother so calm. Apparently, the chair had a positive effect on her.

The book got me thinking about my dating life. If I have the potential to date multiple women - I thought about Anna and Julia - shouldn't I, as the book suggests, focus on the woman who really matters? On the one I feel a "HELL YEAH. I want to date her" feeling for? Then I should cancel with Julia and focus entirely on Anna, even though she rarely texts me. But she's the only woman I really want to go out with. Despite her unavailability, she's the only woman who hasn't canceled on me for months. And she looks damn good.