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September 19, 2023: I have 3 instead of 5 T-shirts and 16 instead of 18 hangers. Reducing fever with thoughts

September 19, 2023. Since yesterday, I've had a sore throat. I suspect it's from my unhealthy habits, namely occasional smoking and excessive consumption of chocolate spreads and bread. Despite the discomfort, I decided not to buy throat lozenges or anything similar. Instead, I left it to my immune system to largely fight off the viruses on its own.

When I came home today, I found Lara moving her furniture and belongings into the shared apartment and was busy arranging her things in the closet of her packed room. I found it remarkable how many things an average person can accumulate. Lara's room made me realize how much work it is to transport, set up, and put away all these things. I was very glad I didn't own all that stuff.

Today, I considered reducing the number of my t-shirts to exactly three Merino shirts. But there was a problem: freshly washed t-shirts sometimes drip on the hanger. So, I experimented a bit with one Merino shirt. I washed it and wrapped it in a towel to transfer some of the moisture to the towel. This method actually worked very well! After this experiment, I decided to reduce the number of my t-shirts from five to three. I also set aside two hangers to throw them into the clothing donation container along with the two t-shirts.

Throughout the day, my sore throat almost disappeared, but I felt body aches and the onset of a cold.

In the evening, as I was falling asleep after a meditation where I tried to stay in the present moment (without success), thoughts raced through my mind: "If I could make blood flow to my penis just by certain thoughts (without touching it), what thoughts would I need to, for example, lower my fever?"

But the meditation gave me an idea: I remembered Russia, where we ate without knives and simply cut everything with the edge of the fork. And we never missed the knives. "What if I ate my lunch without a knife, just with a spoon and fork?" I could hardly wait to try it out in the cafeteria tomorrow.

Then I thought about my bike, which I never used. It was the last thing I still had from Jule. "Maybe I should get rid of the bike?"

  1. I reduced the number of my t-shirts from 5 to 3.
  2. I reduced the number of my hangers from 18 to 16.