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October 2, 2023: I want to learn body language

October 2, 2023. I'm so proud of myself! I managed to sleep the whole night on a blanket on the carpet. Of course, I woke up several times during the night. My mother also woke me up at night because she wanted to know if I was okay due to the sting in my sole.

Something else I noticed when waking up: in the mornings, when I open my eyes, I'm most lost in thought. Either in the past (e.g., today I thought about Jule and how she's a great person. I briefly thought about messaging her for a friendly meetup at a café. But I didn't.) or about the future (Am I on the right path? When will Anna message me?). These morning thoughts tend to bring me down, so I need to do something about them.

Today at breakfast at 10 a.m. with Mom (Laura was sick in bed), I managed to refrain from coffee and instead drank spelt coffee. Mom has nerve or bone pains all over her body and thinks it's from the COVID vaccine.

Around 2 p.m., I went shopping barefoot for the first time at NP in Borsum. Julien was briefly there (sneaked into Mom's room). Mom seems to have broken up with him. I was shopping for a raw vegan salad. I also wanted to make an oat-banana shake. Mom wanted me to buy alcohol too. I think she's stressed about Julien. I persuaded her not to buy alcohol and instead drink the oat-banana shake. I asked her to go for a walk while I went shopping.

Today, I learned from Lina's book a trick on how to show presence and make people feel it: After entering through the door (where people are), pause briefly, look around, then continue. I just practiced this at the kitchen door and will try it with people soon. Then I learned something about body language: Pay attention to the palms of your hands. Are they visible? That shows openness. Are they closed (knuckles visible)? That shows closedness. I'm paying attention to that now. Somehow, these tricks inspired me to delve more into reading body language.