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November 2, 2023: Life without a closet. 3 instead of 7 hangers and my habit of lying

2nd November 2023. I definitely slept longer because I heard the apartment door close three times and it was brighter than usual. Probably because I briefly turned off downtime yesterday to read more about body language on my laptop and also ate salad late. I had dreamed that Iranians and Uzbeks are the same.

When I got my lunch from the kitchen, it was already ten minutes to ten o'clock. As usual, I took the bus to the library. Fourth floor.

At half past ten, I went for a coffee. It was damn windy, and I was the only one outside. When the wind blew and stirred up the golden leaves, I felt like a windbender. It was at this moment that the thought came to me: What minimalist end state am I actually aiming for? My goal is to be dependent on as few things as possible. But this goal seemed somehow open-ended and not really tangible. I reformulated it in my mind: My minimalist goal is for all my possessions to fit in my backpack. Then I can shift my daily focus from minimalism to another goal and practice minimalism incidentally when a brilliant idea comes to mind on how to further minimize my possessions.

With this reformulated goal, I would definitely have to get rid of my wardrobe racks. But how would I then hang my laundry to dry? Actually, not a problem. I have my radiator, the bathroom heater, and of course, the clothesline outside. The dry laundry would simply be folded and stored on the floor in my room. This way, I could significantly reduce or even eliminate the number of hangers I need. And then the only thing left would be my bed to achieve the end goal of minimalism.

At noon, I went to the cafeteria to eat my salad of arugula, corn, green soybeans, cucumber, bell pepper, and flaxseeds.

During the coffee break, I also noticed that I am a habitual liar in some respects, such as finances. For example, I recently told Robert that I earn 200 euros per month with my life story, even though I earn at most 10 euros per month. Why do I do that? But I sometimes lie about other topics too, without feeling guilty. This is a very bad habit that I urgently need to break. I'm glad I'm aware of this now.

Another weird habit is that when I get rejected or ignored by a woman, anger builds up in me and I "punish" her by masturbating and imagining having sex with her. While this releases my anger, it feels wrong.

At 5 p.m., I was home, prepared a salad of lentils, corn, arugula, and flaxseeds for tomorrow, and also ate some of it. Then I carried out what I had planned for today. I took the step and gave away the telescopic clothes rack with 4 hangers. I'm keeping three hangers in case I have trouble drying my laundry because, for example, I don't have enough space. Now I simply lay my clothes on the floor.

Learning: I have formulated my minimalist end goal: All my possessions fit in a backpack that I can carry on my body.


  1. I gave away my telescopic clothes rack. I no longer own any furniture for hanging clothes. I store my laundry on the floor.
  2. Reduced hangers from 7 to 3.