Alexander Fufaev
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20 November 2023: Julia the tattooed educator: No, Anna the beautiful: Yes

November 20, 2023. When I turned on my smartphone after getting up today, I received a rejection from Julia.

“Hi, sorry I haven't replied - I've been very busy and away over the weekend! Your ideas sound good and I'm still excited, but I think someone out there would be even more excited! Unfortunately, my interest isn't very steady. All the best!”

I wasn't disappointed at all because I had already been thinking about canceling on her. My date with Anna is approaching, and as an essentialist, I prefer to focus entirely on Anna and give her my full attention.

The library on the fourth floor. Morning coffee at HanoMacke, along with a potato roll. It was raining heavily.

Around 2 pm, lunch. (Green beans and peas with flaxseed).

In the evening, chatting with Vanessa in the kitchen and eating salad (salad with radishes, apple, carrot, and flaxseed, all organic).

Then thinking about whether physics is my true calling and if I might one day want to become a great theoretical physicist like Albert Einstein.

Then I checked WhatsApp to see if Anna had written to me. She hadn't, but she had set a new profile picture, where I can see her from the front. A picture in front of the sea with a sunset in the background. When I saw it, my stomach started to tingle. At that moment, I forgot about all the other women in the world. I opened the picture full screen. Lying in bed, I looked at the picture for a long time with a smile on my face.