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July 21, 2023: Small comb instead of big hairbrush

21 July 2023. I had originally planned to watch the new film "Oppenheimer" with Dascha and Tobi, but something terrible happened. Tobias's sister, Sandra, wasn't doing well. Tobias decided to be there for her as she was in a medically induced coma. So, I spent my evening on the second floor of the library, reading non-fiction books on my laptop.

At noon, I saw the red-haired fairytale woman. She passed my table, and we greeted each other with a "Hi" and smiled. My god, she looked enchanting. In a magical way, she had kept me from losing interest in the blonde student sitting at the table in front of me, who occasionally smiled at me with a fascinating crescent moon tattoo on her left shoulder. Based on the gross wounds in her open book, she was probably a medical student. Eventually, she left, and then I did too.

On the way home, I gave my boar bristle hairbrush to a homeless person and instead bought a small black comb at Rossmann. Small black comb

Microchange: I have replaced my large hairbrush with a small comb, which takes up much less space if I want to take it somewhere.