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August 21, 2023: Customize backpack. Use less paper outside the home

August 21, 2023. I tried sleeping naked last night. It's supposed to be healthy because the skin can breathe better and could have a positive impact on my self-esteem. Apart from it being cooler to sleep, I didn't notice any changes. However, I probably wouldn't repeat this experiment because I felt uncomfortable when my penis touched the bedsheet. Nevertheless, I could imagine just sleeping in a T-shirt.

Right after getting up and packing my laptop, I immediately came up with a 1% improvement: The chest strap of my backpack bothered me every time because it always dangled around while carrying it. Therefore, I decided to cut off the chest strap.

During the bus ride to the library, I stood at the back of the bus, lost in thought. Suddenly, the bus braked so hard that I almost hit my head against a glass pane. This near-accident experience led me to the question: "Where is the safest place in a bus during an accident?"

Having a cup of coffee before HanoMacke, I contemplated this. "Next to the bus driver, right at the front, I shouldn't sit. In a frontal collision, I would fly through the windshield." I continued thinking: "If I sit facing the direction of travel, I would fly forward in a head-on collision, without a seatbelt. Therefore, I should always prefer to sit or stand facing the opposite direction of travel - both on the bus and on the train. In the train, a head-on collision is certainly the deadliest. Therefore, I should prefer the rear cars on the train. Of course, it could be that another train crashes from behind. I shouldn't sit in the last car either."

I was so lost in thought that I didn't even notice that the small lawn in front of the cafeteria was being mowed. "Too bad, it was full of colorful flowers and insects. Now it's just a green lawn," crossed my mind. "In my perfect world, there should be no lawnmowers," I thought and went into the library.

In the library restroom, while washing my hands, I came up with an idea on how to save resources outside the house. I never paid attention to how many paper towels I took from the hand drying compartment. "From today on, I will make sure to only take one sheet," I decided and sat down on the fourth floor to continue writing my life story.

Learning: How to most likely survive a train or bus accident? I shouldn't be next to the bus driver. Sit or stand facing the opposite direction of travel. In the train, avoid the front and very rear parts.

Micro Changes:

  1. I personalized my backpack by cutting off the chest strap so it doesn't bother me in everyday life.
  2. To save resources outside the house, I use only one sheet for hand drying after washing hands in public restrooms.