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October 21, 2023: Flexible thinking and the melancholy after good movies

October 21, 2023. After breakfast with Julien just before 9, he left, and I took an Enneagram personality test. It turned out that I am indeed, as I thought, most likely Type 4. The second most likely Type 5, the third most likely Type 9, and the fourth most likely Type 3, with Type 9 and 3 being almost equally probable.

After a noodle soup with Mom (she had an early shift) and a walk to the store to buy toast, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cookies, I sat on the windowsill on the balcony, enjoying the warm sun rays and started reading the book "THINK AGAIN: The Power of Flexible Thinking". It's about learning to think anew in a changing world.

In the evening, I watched the last part of Harry Potter. Once again, I realized how much I adore Luna Lovegood. Her uniqueness, her outsider status, her dreamy, intelligent nature combined with her beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair make her my dream type. When the movie ended, I had that sad feeling again that the movie, the whole story, was over. I felt melancholic.

Good movies evoke a strong emotional resonance in me. Why do I feel this way at the end of good movies? During the movie, you often develop a strong emotional attachment to the characters and the plot. You live with them, root for them during their adventures, and immerse yourself in their world. When this journey ends, it can trigger a sense of loss because I have to say goodbye to these characters and their story. When the movie ends, I return to my own boring reality.

Learning: There are benefits (for survival, success, relationships) to thinking flexibly.