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21 November 2023: Walking distances of less than 2 km and one pair of shoes is not enough

November 21, 2023. Today I didn't take the bus but walked instead. It rained lightly, so the tips of my toes got wet in my summer barefoot shoes. The only downside of my barefoot shoes is that they are not rainproof and are really only suitable for summer and spring.

I have resolved to always walk distances up to two kilometers from now on, as long as I'm not in a hurry. Like now, from home to the library. On the way, I bought a banana and an apple for 94 cents at the organic store on E-Damm and ate them on the way. Some might say that's way too expensive, but I now believe that these foods are worth the money. I've resolved to stop buying sweet pastries from today, so no more curd pockets, butter croissants, bee plunder, and so on. Exceptions are organic rolls. Instead, I prefer to eat organic vegetables and organic fruits.

In the library, I ordered rainproof autumn and spring shoes from Wildlings so my feet won't constantly get wet. When the first snow falls, it will surely get even worse.

After that, I practiced using Inkspace by adapting the physical illustrations to the new dark design of the website. Shortly before noon, I took a coffee break and ate my organic walnuts that I had brought with me because I was a little hungry. After that, I continued writing the life story.

For lunch, I ate my salad. I barely felt hungry (probably because I didn't eat anything sweet this morning and thus had the first meal without an insulin peak. The first meal determines my cravings throughout the day), and I felt energetic and good.

In the evening, I went shopping (cashew nuts, walnut kernels, bananas, two apples, one carrot for 10 euros) and then went home.

Yesterday, Vanessa told me that I need to watch the calories, otherwise I might lose a lot of weight. I looked at the 500-gram package of the legume mix. If I eat 100 grams of it, I have 1500 kcal, plus a bit of salad with walnut kernels and flaxseeds, and I easily reach my 2000 kcal.

  1. I should walk distances under 2 kilometers.
  2. I should eat fruit and vegetables instead of pastries.