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August 22, 2023: Overcoming my fear of heights

August 22, 2023. I faced one of my greatest fears, acrophobia, and tried top-rope climbing for the first time at the university sports center. For over two hours, I consciously confronted my fear and deliberately let myself fall on the rope to make my body understand that it should stop releasing adrenaline. Ray, a physics student who worked at the bouldering gym, recognized me by name as he had used my website several times before. He also recommended the bouldering gym where my roommate Lina regularly climbed.

The next day, I felt the full effect of climbing: I had a severe muscle soreness in my forearms. But aside from the soreness, I noticed something amazing in bed in the morning, something I hadn't experienced in a long time: There wasn't a single flake of scalp on my black bedsheet. Full of excitement, I jumped out of bed, leaned forward, and rubbed my scalp and hair with my hand. There was no snow! Apparently, the seborrheic dermatitis and the associated flakes were likely gone thanks to the shampoo prescribed by the doctor. Unfortunately, only as long as I continued using the shampoo.

Micro Change: I confronted my fear of heights and challenged it until it mostly disappeared.