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22 November 2023: Do not cut vegetables and eat the stalk of the tomato

November 22, 2023. I am in the library. Robert sat at the table on the fourth floor. We drank coffee and talked at length about books, minimalism, dopamine detox, resilience, and other topics. After that, we went back to the library.

Later, I went to eat briefly because I hadn't eaten anything. Surprisingly, I wasn't very hungry. I think if you cut out sugar and bread, you have less hunger throughout the day.

After that, I went shopping. Broccoli, kohlrabi, three tomatoes, a carrot, two apples - all without packaging. Today, I want to eat broccoli raw for the first time. I did some research and found out that broccoli with the peeled stalk can be eaten raw without any concerns.

While eating, I thought about not cutting the salad at all, but instead eating the vegetables whole. Maybe I could start slowly, for example, by not cutting a carrot but taking it whole to the university. This way, it loses fewer nutrients until I eat it and stays fresh longer than when cut. Additionally, I save a lot of time if I don't cut the carrot and don't have to wash the cutting board.

I eat the tomato stem along with it. This reduces the organic waste. Broccoli tastes a bit like kohlrabi when raw. Today, I didn't cut the carrots into small slices but rather into large sticks. I also cooked legumes and ate the rest of today's salad with some cashew nuts.

After that, I washed my T-shirt under the arms and hung it on the radiator. I brushed my teeth, used dental floss diligently, and noticed a change while examining my teeth. My gums no longer bleed when I use floss, and they look less red, more pink.