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June 23, 2023: Juliane and the three positive things

June 23, 2023. It had been raining all morning. Yesterday, there was a flood in Tobi's parents' basement. And if you were in the attic of the house where Mama lived, you could see the sky without looking through the window. The roof tiles on the house were blown off by the wind. I had seen such cases on the news, but I never realized that the storm and the flood could also affect people I knew.

I was sitting in the cafeteria, enjoying my Thai curry with salad. Suddenly, a blonde student approached me. I thought she was going to talk to me, but she stopped at my table, even though the entire cafeteria was almost empty. She stood slightly sideways to me. She typed something on her phone and then looked at me without smiling. I returned her gaze. Then she continued typing. Under her arm, she held a white book, whose title I couldn't read because of her arm.

Afterward, she went to the counter where vegan dishes were being served. Through the transparent display case, I could see what she chose. When she got her food, she stood with her back to me, and I could admire her back: "My goodness, what a gorgeous back!" I thought to myself. I liked her. Unfortunately, she sat much further away from me than I had expected. At first, it seemed like she was interested in me, but her choice of seating made me doubt it.

As I shoveled the last spoonfuls of rice into my mouth and pondered this peculiar student, two brunette girls entered the room. I saw them regularly on the second floor, as they often walked past my table and were friends with the cap-wearing student I had approached in the library and who never got back to me. The taller of the two bumped into my table "accidentally" and nearly knocked over my English formula collection, which was leaning against the laptop. They got their food and sat at the same row of tables as the other student. I also found that strange because almost all other tables were free. Then I noticed how the two looked in my direction. Maybe they were gossiping about me. But that was probably just my imagination.

After eating, I returned my tray and headed to the cafeteria. As I passed by the table, I decided to turn around. I walked past the two girls and approached the blonde student who was sitting closer to the window.


»Hello«, she replied, setting her spoon aside for a moment.

I leaned on the table in front of her and leaned closer to her.

»I noticed three positive things about you. Firstly: You have a book in the cafeteria. I rarely see that. Secondly: You chose a vegan dish, which makes me suspect that you are a vegetarian. That means we share similar moral values.«

»True!«, she smiled at me enthusiastically.

»And the third thing: I think you're super cute«, I said, looking at her.

»Oh, I don't know what to say. That's very kind of you. I've never received such a detailed compliment before«, she said, her eyes sparkling with joy.

»Would you like to have a coffee with me here in the cafeteria?«

»Mmm. Yes, why not. But I have to say that I have a boyfriend. But I would still have coffee with you.«

»What's your name?«, I asked her.

»Juliane. And yours?«

»Alexander. I'll wait for you in the cafeteria then!«

»Okay, see ya!«

Then I went to the cafeteria, grabbed two cups of coffee and two chocolate cakes, and sat down at the table by the window. It was raining heavily outside, and it was very cozy inside. I was slightly nervous as I waited for her. Eventually, she approached me with a smile and stopped on the opposite side of the table in front of me.

»I just decided to go directly to the library after all. I still have a lot to do«, she explained with a slightly sympathetic expression.

»Oh, that's not a problem. Then I'll have more cake for myself«, I replied, and I really wasn't disappointed because she already had a boyfriend. What worried me more was the concern that I would get a stomachache after devouring the two pieces of cake.

»Soooorry«, she said regretfully, looking at the chocolate cake on the plate and the cup of coffee on her side of the table.

»It's really not a big deal. You can go to the library without worry.«

»Thank you, Alexander.«

»Goodbye, Juliane«, I waved to her.

Learning: It's very effective to approach a woman contextually and not with a standard line. Of course, you first need to observe her and recognize what makes her special before making the first move and referring to that special aspect. But afterwards, the chance of not getting rejected is much higher.