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July 23, 2023: The 7-day NoFap experiment and "Oppenheimer" at the movies

July 23, 2023: I committed a sin and bought a large pack of popcorn as well as a large Coke. I went to the Astor and watched the movie "Oppenheimer". I got an erection when the scene with Albert Einstein was shown. That wouldn't have happened to me if I had masturbated today. But unfortunately I wasn't allowed to because I had started a 7-day NoFap experiment today. Supposedly, after five days my testosterone level should rise sharply and I should be more attractive to women. I'm going to go to a club next weekend to test this theory.

Before going to the movies, I spent the whole day reading various non-fiction books and made some 1% changes. I turned off all YouTube notifications, both on YouTube directly and email notifications. I did the same on all the other websites I was logged into. Then I created a CSS file that I integrated into Safari to hide video suggestions on YouTube, as they were constantly tempting me to click on them and wasting my time. I also toyed with the idea of getting rid of my olive-colored jeans to take it a step further. I had already put them aside in my room...

The movie lasted three hours. I wasn't really enthusiastic about the film, but a dialog between Oppenheimer and another physicist stayed with me: "Can you read math?" Oppenheimer: "Yes." "But can you hear it?"

As I strolled back through Steintor to the main station after the movie, it was raining, and the movie had probably left a small emotional echo. I looked up at the black sky and at my glasses, at the falling raindrops. It felt as if I had received a blessing from Oppenheimer to develop more discipline and break out of the hamster wheel of normality in order to one day become a famous physicist like Oppenheimer, about whom a movie would be made.

  1. I no longer click on video suggestions on YouTube as I have hidden them. Instead, I search specifically for videos. This means I spend less time watching unnecessary clickbait videos.
  2. I have deactivated all e-mail notifications from the websites I am registered on.