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August 23, 2023: I no longer own any jackets

August 23, 2023. I was in the library feeling excessively tired despite consuming two cups of coffee. No wonder, considering I hadn't slept enough after yesterday's partying in the Dax.

When I was back home in the evening, I lay seemingly aimlessly in bed and was surprised by an idea: "If I plan to expose myself to the cold constantly, then I don't need my winter coat or scarf. Hmm. I'll take them to Borsum first and wait for the really cold winter days before getting rid of them entirely." I retrieved my bag with the coat and scarf from the shelf and placed it in the corner so I wouldn't forget to take it to Borsum next time.

While doing so, I noticed my dark blue blazer was also in the bag. I decided to sell it as well and wear only a white shirt for festive occasions. "If I feel cold in the shirt, I can simply put on a jacket over it," I thought.

Micro Change: I no longer own blazers. For festive occasions, I only wear a white shirt.