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September 23, 2023: Stomach ache due to binge eating

September 23, 2023. Today, after my library visit on Saturday, I had lentil curry at the cafeteria and then went to HanoMacke to have a coffee. It was a bit cold outside because I was only wearing a T-shirt. In HanoMacke, I saw that tall, dark blonde girl with a black dress and a hard-to-decipher tattoo on her leg again. She was sitting with two other girls at a PC, with a dog tied up next to her. I always see her in HanoMacke. Apparently, she helps out there (and lives there).

At 1:30 PM, when I took the train to Harsum, I read about circadian rhythms and melanopsin in the eye, which controls my body's internal clock and only reacts to blue light. Therefore, I should avoid exposing myself to blue light at night, as it signals my brain that it is daytime (which it isn't). That's why I set the color temperature on my MacBook to maximum red with the "Night Shift" option, so I get as little blue light as possible in the evening.

On the train to Borsum, I read about the thymus gland. It seems to be important for the immune system and shrinks with age (possibly due to oxidative stress).

In Borsum, I was weak again and ate Russian plombir ice cream, two slices of chocolate bread, two regular breads with eggplant spread, and then pea soup. After that, my stomach was very bloated, and I felt very tired and sick. Now I realized that I had gotten used to avoiding sugar and how bad it makes me feel when I eat it again. What did I think afterward? I'm not going to fall for it again and eat that stupid chocolate and ice cream! After that, I made myself a salad and tried to counteract the "junk" I had eaten with antioxidants. Dumb decision - the stomach pains got even worse. To distract myself from the pain, I read about digestion and learned that to digest food as effectively as possible, it is best to eat at the same time every day. So, I need to decide for myself when to eat.

In the Huberman podcast, I learned how to reduce stress in real-time. You need to exhale longer than you inhale. Or even more effectively: inhale twice (the second breath being smaller) and then exhale long. You can also combat cold symptoms with targeted breathing, such as breathing deeply in and out 25 times.

Before my laptop shut down due to the downtime setting, I applied the breathing method (exhaling longer) and was so tired that I fell asleep immediately.