Alexander Fufaev
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September 24, 2023: Learned to stand on my head. Analyzed my dog phobia. Backpack perfectly adjusted.

September 24, 2023. Before breakfast (at 10 AM), I took a cold shower (with only water), then meditated for 10 minutes and briefly went out onto the balcony to synchronize my internal clock with nature. I looked into the sun and felt a sense of happiness that I hadn't experienced in a long time. With this beautiful feeling in my heart, I ate a salad (from yesterday) and toast with spreads, followed by toast with chocolate spread for dessert.

Like yesterday, I practiced headstands a bit, this time without a wall, and now I am able to do a headstand without any assistance.

Around 3 PM, I went for a walk barefoot, without taking my shoes. I walked the entire distance of 2.5 km. When I stepped on a sharp stone, I said "Ouch" out loud. But I wonder why? Does expressing this weakness verbally actually help? When I took cold showers, I used to scream, but now I don't do that anymore. Perhaps the sounds of pain and screaming aren't necessary. After doing some research at home, I found out that they serve to emit a "natural" cry for help to warn other Homo sapiens of danger, and also to deter enemies. Additionally, loud screaming releases cortisol, which numbs pain for a short time and gives a burst of strength—turning one into a superhuman for a brief moment. Good to know! I'll use that consciously!

After the walk, I set myself the next challenge because I noticed that I was constantly looking at my feet and where I was stepping. Next, I should practice keeping my gaze forward and paying attention further ahead on my path to see if there's anything I shouldn't step on.

At home, I watched YouTube videos on how to protect oneself from wild animals like lions, bears, wolves, sharks, crocodiles, and dogs. All animals have something in common: stay calm, don't look them in the eyes, and avoid sudden movements. Another good reason to meditate regularly, as it teaches me to stay calm in any situation.

Then I thought about my dog phobia and watched dozens of videos about it. I learned that during a dog attack, it's crucial to protect the neck and abdominal area. It's important to stay on your feet, as it's difficult to defend against dogs while on the ground. I had the idea to wear my backpack on my stomach if I'm attacked by a dog to protect my abdominal area.

I adjusted my backpack, tightened the straps so it sat closer to my stomach, sat higher, and wobbled less while walking. When I put the backpack back on my back, I noticed how well the adjusted backpack felt. Why did I only now properly adjust the backpack?

Micro Changes:
  1. Perfectly adjusted the straps on my backpack (more stable while walking + better fit).
  2. Ability to do a headstand (remedy for fatigue and promotes a healthier scalp/face and hair health).
  3. Ability to scream (+ pain suppression + strength boost in combination with fear induction in enemies + cry for help).
  4. When dealing with hostile wild animals that are stronger than me, you should ALWAYS keep calm.