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October 24, 2023: Psychokinesis, the inner fire and my master's certificate

24th October 2023. When I woke up at 9:30 a.m., there was no one there except Laura. Today I had some kind of nightmare: I looked in the mirror and saw the top layer of my teeth falling off. Full of fear, I started brushing my teeth, but then it got worse, the teeth fell out.

I went to the bathroom briefly to pee and felt my teeth with my tongue. They were smooth. Then I washed my face with cold water to get a little energy and dopamine boost. And then I examined my teeth in the mirror more closely, and luckily, nothing had changed except that they often looked shiny lately, probably because they were covered in saliva.

But then I stuck out my tongue, and it had no white coating at all. I think I've never experienced anything like this in my life, that my tongue looked completely normal after waking up. I suspect the white tongue comes from skipping toothpaste, but also from the shiny teeth. The constantly smooth teeth could be due to not brushing my teeth in the morning and generally applying less pressure when brushing. Another factor could be that I drink less coffee because every time I drink coffee, my front teeth become rough.

Then I drank a glass of water with a multivitamin tablet and made myself, as is customary here in Borsum, a breakfast sandwich - meanwhile, the water was boiling for my lupine coffee, which I found very delicious now and didn't miss it here in Borsum anymore, even though it was available here. One toast and two slices of whole grain bread with flaxseed oil and vegan spread with cucumber slices and two small tomatoes. Vegan chocolate spread was on the toast and one half of the whole grain bread.

After eating, I checked the front teeth again with my tongue. They were still smooth. But I had only taken a sip of lupine coffee. So I continued to drink it while reading an article about reading body language and detecting lies.

The pupils dilate, the eyes widen, the response is delayed, "um," "uh," slight shoulder shrug. I want to try all of that with Mom and practice as soon as she's here. I'll give her an object to hold and have her hide it behind her back. I'll guess which hand the object is in, and she'll tell me whether it's right or not. She can either tell the truth or lie. If she lies, she has to show the corresponding microexpressions.

While reading, I also stumbled upon the term "psychokinesis" and Googled what it is. It's the ability to move objects only with thoughts. Crazy, I thought. For fun, I tried to move a pen that was on the dining table with my thoughts. Unfortunately, it didn't work. But somehow, the topic piqued my interest, even though I can't believe such a thing is possible yet. Despite my skepticism, I want to be open to it.

As I thought about this supernatural superpower, I imagined what it would be like if I could do without a phone altogether because I would be able to send my message, e.g., "I forgot my phone in the car. Come back quickly," to the appropriate person with my thoughts. That person would then receive the thought and come back to the train station to give me my phone.

On the balcony, I tried the Tummo technique. Tummo translates to "inner fire" and is roughly an intense meditation technique. The technique comes from Tibet and should help me endure the cold. It's a breathing technique combined with the idea that there's a fireball in the stomach that ignites when you exhale through the mouth.

It worked a little bit, I went out onto the balcony in a T-shirt, it was slightly windy and 14 degrees Celsius. But unfortunately, I couldn't easily imagine the fireball inside me because my thoughts got in the way, and I suddenly thought of something else. I think before I learn such mental abilities, I should delve more into essentialism and meditation.

Afterwards, I walked 2 km through the terrain just in a T-shirt and barefoot, again using the Tummo method. I wasn't cold at all, only walking on the gravel was a bit painful.

At 4:48 p.m., I took the train to Hanover. The trams weren't running today, so I decided to take a walk to Kröpcke and then walk from there to Kopernikusstraße. At Kröpcke, I stopped briefly because a young man was playing "Patschka sigarett" by Viktor Coy on the guitar and sang exactly like him. The song reminded me of Uncle Sascha. He always liked it. I stopped for a moment and enjoyed it until the end. Only then did I continue. At Christurkirche, I got off and walked to Kopernikusstraße, where the bus arrived at the same time. I took it home.

At home, I received my master's degree certificate. The final grade was 1.6. I'm satisfied. My prepaid card also arrived.