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August 25, 2023: Life without a dishwasher. Cleaning dishes and hair with water only. Stairs instead of elevator.

August 25, 2023. As I woke up today in Borsum lying on the bedspread and carpet, I tuned into my body. The "bed" was still a bit hard for me, but by now, I could sleep soundly on it all night long. Next to the TV cabinet, I spotted an AOK magazine, which I flipped through during breakfast. While enjoying my toast with a mix of tomato, hummus, cucumber, onion, carrot, and flaxseed oil, I came across a fascinating article about rinse aid. The information about the potential negative effects on the gastrointestinal tract had not been on my radar before. This realization led me to wash my dishes from now on with water instead of dish soap. Although I used the dishwasher with tabs containing rinse aid in my shared flat and here in Borsum, I decided, at least for the time being, to switch to hand washing dishes.

As I sipped my lupine coffee, I continued reading the magazine and stumbled upon an article about the energy consumption of elevators. This information motivated me to start using the stairs instead of the elevator, not only at the library but everywhere. "That would surely benefit my health as well," I thought.

When I reached the sustainability section of the magazine, I came across an article about the CO2 footprint of imported foods. The fact that an imported blackberry generated ninety-five times more CO2 than a local and seasonal one surprised me. This realization led me to commit even more decisively to choosing local and seasonal foods in the future. The idea that I could be 95 times more sustainable and the additional benefit of nutrient-rich, fresh foods that have spent less time between harvest and consumption convinced me.

"Quite a lot of changes from today," I thought as I scratched my eyebrow. Suddenly, a question came to mind: "Should I even scratch when it itches?" I researched and found out that it's better to massage the itchy spot with the fingertip instead of scratching with the fingernails to avoid infections and wounds. "Sounds plausible," I thought, "I'll make sure to do that."

Another question suddenly occupied my mind as well: "Is it harmful to the teeth to consume a beverage over an extended period?" Research revealed that our teeth are made of hard crystal and corroded with constant contact with fluids. Remineralization of the teeth became less effective when saliva was constantly diluted with various liquids. This could lead to porous surfaces, better adhesion of bacteria, and ultimately, cavities. I quickly finished my lupine coffee and decided not to sip on drinks throughout the day.

During the day, I met a raw vegan who had been washing his long hair with water only for years. His healthy-looking hair convinced me to try this method myself. "I just hope they don't start to smell," I thought and started the experiment of washing my hair with water only.

Micro Changes:
  1. Considering I generate little dishware, I've decided to forego using a dishwasher and instead wash my dishes by hand. This decision frees me from dependence on an electrical appliance and the associated challenges like repairs, acquisition costs, and transportation.
  2. I clean my dishes exclusively with water, foregoing the use of dish soap. This decision allows me to potentially avoid hazardous chemicals that could linger as residues on the dishes. By omitting dish soaps, I also contribute to reducing waste. If there are grease residues on my dishes from cooking, I wipe the coarse film with a cloth before rinsing the dishes with warm water. In most other cases, cold water proves to be sufficient.
  3. I always prefer taking the stairs over the elevator. This simple choice is a way to actively do something for my health.
  4. I prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables from Europe to make a 95-fold more sustainable contribution and simultaneously get more nutrients for my money.
  5. I avoid excessively sipping on a beverage to not impair the remineralization of my teeth and thus prevent enamel deterioration.
  6. I wash my hair exclusively with water to avoid contact with numerous chemicals on my scalp.