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October 25, 2023: I have 3 instead of 4 pairs of socks and 8 instead of 10 hangers

October 25, 2023. I woke up today around 8:30 AM. My tongue was also slightly white today. Vanessa was still there and was having her cereal for breakfast.

At 9 AM, I went to the post office next door to identify myself for the prepaid card. Three people were standing in line ahead of me, and right in front of me was a young woman dressed all in black, who was upset that the employee who was supposed to open the branch at 9 AM was not there yet. She tried to involve me in a complaining conversation, but I just replied, "Maybe something came up."

"No, she's always late."

I kept quiet because I've learned not to speak ill of others or gossip.

After confirming my identity, I went to the bus and met Vanessa there, who was also taking the bus to a workshop. We talked about Human Design, and she asked me what type I was. I replied that I was probably a Projector, but I wasn't sure what that meant yet.

I got off at Christuskirche, and Vanessa continued on. After setting up on the 4th floor of the library, I went to HanoMacke for a coffee.

It was quite cold outside, but the sun's rays warmed my face. I stood in a sunny spot, basking my face in the sunlight. When I was done, I turned around. Behind me, a student who had been on the phone stood up and walked away. She had forgotten her gloves. Calmly, I took her gloves, quickened my steps to catch up with her, and handed them to her. She thanked me with a smile, as if she had left the gloves there on purpose.

When I got to the fourth floor, Annika, the special education teacher, was sitting right behind my table. I looked at her as I walked to my spot until she noticed me. She looked at me and smiled. She took off her headphones as a sign that I could approach her.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" she asked me.

"Oh, I always chill here and work on my book."

"And you?"

"I'm catching up on a special education lecture. It's a bit boring, but oh well..."

"Then I wish you success. Don't fall asleep."

"Yes, I'll try. Thanks," she said and smiled at me. Then I sat down at my table.

I was in the cafeteria around 11:30 AM and ate the potato casserole with broccoli and carrots that I had brought from Borsum yesterday. When I returned to the fourth floor, Annika was still there. But she left just before 12 and said goodbye with a smile as she passed by. Maybe she had a lecture at 12.

Around 2:20 PM, I went to HanoMacke to treat myself to another coffee and continue working there. Who knows, maybe I'll meet some interesting people today.

Robert, whom I knew from my physics undergraduate studies, I met at HanoMacke. He is currently in his teacher training and likes to come here to the library. He married his girlfriend. We had a coffee together. When he said goodbye to me, Annika came out of HanoMacke and waved to me.

At home, I realized that I had only needed two pairs of toe socks and one pair of regular socks so far. The third pair of toe socks had just been lying around. So I sorted out this pair of socks and took it to Borsum for now.

Lina's friend Mituscha was visiting today. And Vanessa said that she was moving out.

I noticed that I am not very good at listening when two people are talking and the other two people are also saying something. I miss a lot and don't ask the person to repeat what they said because I didn't understand it acoustically. Instead, I just say "Mmm" in agreement. This is a bad habit that I should break.

I thought again about what I could improve in terms of minimalism. I took a close look at my wardrobe. Assuming I always wear underwear and a T-shirt, I could get rid of two more hangers. So I did that. Then I ordered a good black winter hat. This will replace my current itchy blue winter hat.

Today, I'm trying again to sleep on the yoga mat.


  1. Reduced the number of sock pairs from 4 to 3.
  2. Reduced the number of hangers from 10 to 8.