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December 25, 2023: Always prefer nose breathing. I feel like playing World of Warcraft. I like Franzi

December 25, 2023. At 6:40 AM, I woke up, probably because Julien had been coughing the whole time, and I could hear it through the thin walls. I had a sore throat. I got up to pee and then drank some water. The sore throat suddenly felt much less severe, but it was still uncomfortable.

It's strange because before I went to bed, I didn't feel anything. The sore throat came while I was sleeping. Either I snored a lot at night, or my immune system doesn't function at night, allowing the infection to spread more easily. Or it becomes overactive and inflames the throat to fight the infection. I looked in the mirror: my throat was very red.

I was still tired, but I couldn't fall back asleep because I had so many thoughts. I relieved myself through masturbation. After that, I was able to sleep again.

At 11 AM, I had breakfast, and after that, my throat felt better. The sore throat was almost gone, but I still had to clear my throat occasionally to loosen the mucus. These were the shortest sore throats I've ever had in my life, and I was a bit confused.

Then I worked on the website in the living room and prepared fruit snacks (apricots, raspberries, mandarins) for our Christmas party at 5 PM. Everyone had to prepare something for the party: I was responsible for the snacks, Dascha for the main course, Laura for the side dish, Mom for the dessert, Julien for the soft drinks, and Tobi for the cocktails.

From time to time, I chat with Franzi, my Bumble match. She has two cats and is a chemistry and biology teacher at a comprehensive school. She is definitely looking for a relationship and thinks it's terrible that people nowadays can't commit. I suggested that we go out after her trips to Amsterdam and Berlin, and she said: "Sure! Let's see if something works out between us." I definitely like her, except for her cats. The only consolation is that she adopted one cat from a shelter. Otherwise, I am against keeping pets, aka modern slaves.

Around 5 PM, we were at Dascha and Tobi's, eating Dascha's red cabbage with potatoes and seitan steak. We then played Skip-Bo and Russian Bingo. I received 20 euros as a secret Santa gift from Lauri and a note saying I should drink only smoothies for two days with that money.

When I got home, I somehow wanted to play World of Warcraft. To play again after a long time. I'd like to play a druid. A druid would best fit my current lifestyle, which is more connected to nature. I also wonder how I will design my character and interface, but also my playstyle as a 31-year-old minimalist on a MacBook with a mouse that I have taken out of the drawer again.

It was already 11:40 PM, and I wasn't tired yet. Since the internet was acting up again, I couldn't download World of Warcraft, so I continued reading the book "Breath" and learned that you should ALWAYS, without exception, breathe through your nose in everyday life. By exclusively using the nose, the tissue in the nasal cavity and throat is better trained. Less snoring and less nasal congestion are the results. Mouth breathing, on the other hand, is associated with bad breath, crooked teeth, and asthma.

Then an idea came to me: When I exercise, I can only push myself to the point where I can't breathe through my mouth because I can't get enough air. I don't know if that's good, but I would try it.

Health Analysis:
  • Bowel movements: 12 PM (firm), 9 PM (firm), 10:30 PM (firm), 11:30 PM (firm), 12:30 AM (soft).
  • Food: 11 AM (three slices of bread with cheese, vegan salmon, and cucumber), 2 PM (two slices of bread like in the morning), 5 PM to 8 PM (bruschetta, boiled potatoes with red cabbage and peas, carrots, then seitan schnitzel with a dash of red wine, apricots, raspberries, then chocolate for dessert. All vegan. Decaf coffee, marzipan chocolate bar).
  • Physical feeling: Mild sore throat. Beard dandruff and itchy scalp.
  • Mood: Okay.
  • Physical changes: 6:40 AM (sore throat), 12 PM (sore throat less, but feel slightly ill, mild pressure in the right back of the head). 3 PM (sore throat almost gone).

    Microchange: Always breathe through the nose (lowers blood pressure, improves digestion, reduces erectile dysfunction, and many other complications, filters the air). Experiment: Always breathe through the nose, even during exercise.