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August 26, 2023: Life without computer mice and only with a trackpad

August 26, 2023. The next day, I spent the entire day on the living room floor, even without an external mouse. Something struck me: the prolonged use of the trackpad was exhausting, and I had to switch hands regularly. Nonetheless, I considered this an advantage as it reminded me of my arguments for a chair- and desk-free life. Using the trackpad allowed for a more versatile arm dynamic, which was not present with the mouse. When using the mouse, I only used my right hand and could work for hours without discomfort. I decided to leave the external mouse in the drawer of the TV cabinet in Borsum and stop using it. From today, there was no longer the need to regularly recharge its batteries.

Throughout the day, I researched topics such as polyphasic sleep, fluoride in toothpaste, and dental floss. Although I gathered a lot of information, my insights did not lead to further 1% changes. Only the dental floss continued to occupy my mind. Ideally, I would like to omit it just like my mother does. My mother, who consumed quite a lot of sugary foods and never used dental floss, still had perfect teeth. "Genes from my dad," she said when I asked her about it. Perhaps one day I can also leave dental floss behind, especially if my diet improves.

I no longer own an external mouse and exclusively use the trackpad of my MacBook. This reduces the number of items in my backpack that I have to carry around constantly, and I never have to worry about charging the mouse again.