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September 26, 2023: My first all-in-black photos as a minimalist

September 26, 2023. Today, the library was closed until 12 p.m., so I had to hang out in the cafeteria. While having coffee, I read the book "The Circadian Code" and learned that the internal clock of digestion is activated upon waking up, as soon as you consume the first calories, for example, in the form of coffee. The issue for me is that I usually fast until 10 a.m. After reading the book, I realized that I'm not doing that because I usually get coffee from HanoMacke around 8 or 9 a.m., which breaks my fast earlier. During fasting hours (until 10 a.m.), I'm only allowed to drink water.

This also applies in the evening before bedtime. After the last meal (2-3 hours before bedtime), one should not consume calories, including tea. I always thought that drinking tea in the evening (during fasting hours) doesn't stimulate my digestion. Now I've learned that it does. Therefore, starting today at 6 p.m. (beginning of fasting hours), I will only drink water.

I've been waking up multiple times during the night lately. This is largely due to my practice of sleeping on the yoga mat. According to the book, I can reduce nighttime awakenings by firstly ensuring I'm not dehydrated at night (which could be the case because I drink little water in the evening to avoid needing to urinate), secondly if the room temperature is too high or too low, or fourthly if I snore.

At noon, I went to visit my mother. There was a young girl sitting next to me in a black skirt and black stockings with a nose piercing, smiling at me before she sat down. There was an old, fat man sitting in front of us. When the woman got off the bus, she turned around and smiled at me again. I notice these positive changes in myself. It seems that I have a greater appeal to women. I'm smiled at very often. Strangers speak to me more, so they have the desire to talk to me, like today a technician who repaired the door in the cafeteria and told me in the restroom what exactly they were fixing.

After the train ride, I waited for an hour in Harsum. Mom had to finish something at work because of a doctor's appointment. During the time I was mentally idle, I decided to delete my food money account because it's annoying to transfer money there when I don't have enough money for shopping. I'll do it like this now: My salary is transferred from the business account to the personal account every month. From there, I transfer my food money and my consumption money to my savings sub-account and use it to pay for all my variable expenses. Since these are my savings, I've limited the withdrawal limit to 50 euros and the daily spending limit to 200 euros. I can still temporarily increase these limits for larger expenses. In most cases, the 200 euros are sufficient. By eliminating the food money account, I can also block and discard my blue bank card. Now I only have a black bank card that I can use to pay in stores and cafes. The good thing about it is that I don't have to worry anymore if the food account has enough money, I can leave my phone at home and just take my bank card with me.

Then I thought: Nobody transfers money to my donation account anymore (only through Paypal), so I'll dissolve the donation account too.

When I arrived in Borsum, I also put my charger for the razor in the drawer (I don't need it anymore when my universal charger arrives on Thursday).

Tobi and Dascha arrived just before mom was brought to Hanover by Julien to go to the Russian church. In the meantime, I practiced barefoot walking. This time I practiced looking more ahead, and it really worked for me. I walked much more confidently on the gravel and even ran much faster without yelling "ouch".

When I got home again, Dascha took professional photos of me, all dressed in black, which matches my current clothing style. The photos are for my website. Mom baked a delicious vegan cherry cake and cooked Plov, which we all ate together, reminiscing about Grandma Lina and Grandpa Yura. "Pominki" is the remembrance of the deceased.

Alexander Fufaev (September 2023)

At 7:30 p.m., I took the train back to Hannover. Dascha and Tobi dropped me off in Hildesheim. On the train, I continued reading about circadian rhythms.