Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

October 26, 2023: Man in Black. Eating leftovers from strangers and the new black winter hat

October 26, 2023. Today, I woke up at 8:40 AM. It was raining outside. Sleeping on the yoga mat was not very comfortable. In the middle of the night, I woke up because it was very hard, and my scalp was tingling as if many ants were crawling on my skin. I laid back on the mattress topper and realized how incredibly comfortable and soft it was compared to the yoga mat. Someone who sleeps in a real bed with a thick mattress would find my mattress topper hard. But for me, it was not hard, but perfectly soft.

In the bathroom, as usual, I checked my tongue; it was slightly white, and I quickly washed my microfiber towel under the tap, just with water, because it had started to smell. Lukewarm water was enough to remove the odor.

I arrived at HanoMacke around 10 AM. While drinking coffee, I noticed the redhead (her sweater said "just love" on the back) who reminded me of Mara was there with some male classmates. Maybe one of them was her boyfriend. One of them smiled at me. Perhaps she had talked about me. Then Nina, the law student, came in with a guy, and they also got a coffee and sat at a table in front of me.

Shortly before I finished my coffee, the redhead stood up, and from her look, I could tell she was somehow dissatisfied or upset. She left HanoMacke.

When I was done and went back to the fourth floor, a blonde girl with golden earrings, a brown hoodie, a tablet, an open binder, and black painted fingernails was sitting at my table. She was writing something in her notebook. When I approached the table, she looked at me and smiled. I, of course, smiled back. She looked at her phone. The redhead was sitting with her brunette friend right behind me. Then two other girls came to my table. Around 12 PM, the girl in front of me left, and a few minutes later, two boys sat there.

Shortly after, I went to the cafeteria to eat my salad. It was very crowded, but I found a place next to three girls. They were almost done, and when they were about to leave, I noticed that the girl in front of me hadn't finished a patty.

"What is that?" I asked her, pointing to the patty.

"Um, something with potatoes."



"Then you can give it to me, so I don't have to throw it away," I said and took the patty with my fork and spoon and put it in my Tupperware.

It tasted good and added some more flavor to my salad. The students at the table across from me smiled at me. I found the idea of taking leftover food from other students not only sustainable but also money-saving. I will definitely try this idea again. I can imagine that this action also creates a kind of trust in me and surely provides a topic for conversation.

Afterwards, I went back to HanoMacke and had another coffee. I didn't have a phone or other devices in my hand. I just sat there and observed people. I behaved as if I were open to conversations. Unfortunately, I didn't meet anyone interesting here.

Around 2 PM, I went to Lidl and bought kidney beans, peas, and green beans. There, I met a hot girl in green leggings. She had headphones on. I went to the bread section. She stood next to me. Then I went to the canned food section. Shortly after, she came again and stood next to me. I thought that was a sign that she liked me.

I introduced myself and looked at her. She took off her headphones.

"Hey, can I ask you something?"

"Yes. What's your name?"

"No, thanks," she said and wanted to put the headphones back on, but before she did, I said, "Do you know what I wanted to ask you?"

She stopped putting on the headphones and asked, "What?" and smiled at me.

"If you want to go out with me."

"I have to work today," and she smiled at me.

That was the point when I realized she was interested but playing "hard to get" as advised by the flirting gurus on YouTube.

"What about the weekend?"

"I have to work then too."

That was enough for me. I didn't want to waste more energy on her. "Okay, then not. Take care," I replied and turned back to the canned food section.

It's amazing how rejections don't bring me down at all but rather make me proud that I have the courage to take my chances. In the past, such a rejection would have burdened me for the rest of the day. Not anymore.

After shopping, I went back to HanoMacke. It was very crowded and loud here. I sat at a free table and read the book “THINK AGAIN”. Then I went home. My black hat arrived. Now I'm officially a Man in Black.

At home, I was somehow too bored. So I walked to Kröpcke, got myself a vegetarian Margherita calzone, and watched people at the Kröpcke clock. After the calzone, I went to the Espresso House at the station, where it was very quiet at the moment. I got myself a decaffeinated cappuccino with oat milk.

Learning: If someone else hasn't finished their food, I'll take it if I'm still hungry. (Advantages: Sustainability, saving money, building trust)

Microchange: Replaced blue winter hat with a black one made of merino wool.