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26 November 2023: Minimalist cooking: Don't use spices?

November 26, 2023. When I woke up, I felt full of energy and very good. I wasn't hungry, and my stomach wasn't growling. My tongue was heavily coated, and my urine was yellow. I drank water and cleaned my tongue of the coating.

This morning, I saw Mom crying; she probably had a panic attack. Then Julien came, and although Mom noticed the tempting smell of coffee and rolls and ate some, I had no desire for them. I gave Mom a motivating speech, explaining how thoughts affect the body and how important it is to take control of one's life. Mom asked Julien to support her in fasting.

After that, I went for a walk. It had rained and snowed a little. My new winter barefoot shoes kept my feet warm and were really rainproof. When I returned, Julien was gone again, but Mom seemed motivated, and I believe she will make it this time. She then took a baking soda bath, which I had recommended to her.

In the meantime, I worked on my website and drank herbal tea the whole time. Mom wanted to stop fasting again, and we argued a bit. I went for a walk to calm down and then apologized to her for my aggressive reaction. Mom then decided to try juice fasting, which I accepted, and I apologized again. We quickly made up and are very fond of each other.

In the evening, after peeing (the stream was always white or only slightly yellowish), I looked in the bathroom mirror and noticed that my dark circles were less visible. I also noticed that I never had to go to the toilet frequently.

I have been reading about raw food and learned that enzymes can prevent cravings and that salt can destroy enzymes. Therefore, I try to mix fewer foods to improve nutrient absorption and digestion. Raw food is not ideal; it is only a transitional solution, not a permanent one.

The appendix is a breeding ground for a healthy gut flora that also produces B12. Avoiding spices can be sensible as they stimulate appetite and can lead to eating more than necessary. An alkaline-rich diet can be beneficial to avoid using mineral stores to neutralize acids. It's important to focus on nutrient-rich foods, not calories.

Learning: Cooking minimally: What if I mix no more than four ingredients in my dishes? What if I don't use spices in my dishes?