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September 27, 2023: I want to be elastic. Sleeping with the window open?

September 27, 2023. Today at the university, I once again felt that people notice me. Strangers who smile at me on the way greet me with a hello, like the dark-skinned man on the way to the university. I also notice the positive changes in my mood: I need less external validation. I handle rejections much more relaxedly. And today, I actually managed not to break my fast with morning coffee before 10 a.m.!

Today, on the 4th floor, I saw the red-haired fairy tale student who was at the Conti summer party back then and whom I approached in the cafeteria. She saw me and smiled at me. As I passed by her table, she said "hello". I waved back and greeted her in return.

When I was home at 5 p.m., my plug arrived. I greeted Lina in her room, and she lent me two non-fiction books: "How to Break the Ice" and "The Enneagram of Our Relationships".

At 9 p.m., when my laptop was blocked by downtime, I was bored, so I stretched. I want to become flexible. I want to be able to put my upper body on my legs. I can do the headstand without any problems; next, I'll learn the handstand.

I opened the window for ventilation and wondered: Is it actually healthy to sleep with the window open on warm days (not just ajar)? That would simulate sleeping outdoors.